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Cross stitch 123 explained is simply making a series of crosses or "x's" by following a pattern to form a pictorial design. Once you've mastered it, cross stitch can be as simple as 123, or difficult depending on the complexity of the pattern. If you are a beginner just starting out, it is best to start with simple patterns with less color changes and gradually work your way up to advanced patterns with advanced stitching techniques and many color changes. It is also wise to start out using Aida cloth as the cloth is easy to use since the strands have already been bunched and divided into squares making it easy to discern where to place your needle to stitch.


A good tool to use is a guide I came across called Cross Stitch Made Easy by Janis Applegate for those of you who want to learn to cross stitch. The guide is one of the most thorough books of instruction I have ever encountered. It takes you from the beginning phase of cross stitch to the point where you will feel very confident about tackling any project. The book is loaded with tidbits and helpful hints all from an experienced stitcher's perspective, and one who loves the art of cross stitch and has made it her life long career. The following are just some of the topics discussed:

The book is easy to read, highly informative, loaded with illustrations, diagrams, and is definitely a valuable source you will treasure and want to keep in your library and/or pass along to others who are thinking of taking up the needle. The book is also used by advanced stitchers because there is a lot to learn, even for the advanced.

For instance, blocking and lacing a project is something cross stitchers normally save for the professionals who are going to frame their projects. However, the author explains the technique of blocking and finishing so well, that there is no reason why you won't be able to do this on your own rather than pay someone else to do it.

To learn more about the priceless techniques discussed in Cross Stitch Made Easy, give it a coin master mod apk unlimited spin try and it will become as easy as cross stitch 123 . Discover a wide range of beautiful patterns from beginners to advanced at

You have made the decision to invest in gold and silver, or maybe you are still considering the idea and would like to see your options when choosing gold and silver dealers. Making the smartest decision does not always come easy and it helps to have a hand when making the right choice. It is important to find a helpful, trustworthy and experienced dealer because this is your future we are talking about! Here are some things to keep in mind when searching for gold and silver dealers:


I. B.B.B. Check. Check that any dealers you are considering are rated by the Better Business Bureau. Anything less than an A rating just will not cut it.

II. Call them. It will not hurt to call them up and ask a few questions that you may have. This will give you an idea on how professional, friendly and experienced they are. If the staff is knowledgeable and cordial, chances are you are in good hands and you will feel more secure in trusting them.

III. Shipping. Confirm that your metals will be shipped within 10 days of purchase. It is the law.


IV. Price. Though you shouldn't choose a dealer simply on cheap prices, you can certainly feel them out for good deals they may offer to their loyal customers.

V. Expertise. This is important! Do your homework! Read through their site, Google them for any negative feedback and take that into account. You do not want to get involved with a shifty coin dealer. Only consider legit companies that truly want to help you and maximize your return, not dealers that simply want to make money out of you.


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