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Voltron Defender with the Universe

Voltron Defender in the Universe started off inside the 1984 where by it grew to become a earth vast strike. Voltron is a story of the magnificent robot which is made up mandrasoft manga reader discord handle? of five distinct robots which has a resemblance to a lion that fights evil who would like to take about the universe.

The Voltron power is lead by Keith who controls the Black lion that is driven by lightning. The Black Lion has no Particular powers apart from that it's the principle lion that controls the complete Voltron robotic.

Lance is the second in command and pilots the Red Lion which is driven by hearth that allows it to release fireplace from its mouth. Getting run by hearth Pink Lion has the chance to endure Extraordinary heat that other lions simply cannot, Additionally, it holds a Component of the Blazing sword which is accustomed to vanquish evil.

Pidge would be the youngest in the Voltron group as well as a pc qualified. Pidge pilots the eco-friendly lion that's run by lifetime of the forest; it's the ability to create tornados which can carry enemies away.

Hunk will be the strongest and heaviest of every one of the pilots, he pilots the yellow lion and that is driven by earth (magma). The yellow lion may be the left leg of Voltron, it can dig really rapid underground using its sturdy legs and claws.


Sven is the original pilot of your blue lion but on account of a extreme harm he got he was changed by Princess Alura. Princess Alura would be the leader and surviving heir of the planet Arus. The blue lion is powered by water that enables it to combat underwater with Serious dexterity; it might also shoot drinking water from its mouth and variety an ice wall to quickly stop enemies. The Voltron pressure is the final hope of your universe to protect, secure and destroy the minions of King Zarkon who is the leader of World Doom.


Voltron was aired on tv very last September 10, 1984. That includes the voices of Michael Bell as voice of Lance and Sven, B.J. Ward as voice of Allura / Nanny / Haggar, Lennie Weinrib as voice of Hunk / Lotor, Neil Ross as voice of Keith / Jeff / Pidge / Chip, and lots of far more